The Blue Sea Wipes Away Depression Blues (Sea Waves clears out stress and anxiety)

Can you hear the whooshing sound of sea waves? Isn’t it soothing for your ears? The moisture-laden sea breeze, smell of salty seawater, and feeling the warmth of the sand underneath one’s feet; all these will make you feel energized and recharge your senses. So if you are concerned about the health of your brain and desire to maintain the balance between your physical and mental well being, then there is only one medicine-‘Seaside Vacation’.

The beaches have been considered the ultimate destination to unwind oneself and recharge tired and depressed minds. Live closer to the sea and cure your depression and anxiety. The blue colour of the sea will boost mental health while the coasts will act as a defensive zone.

“Sea” prefers the poor:

An interesting fact related to residing near the sea is that the low-income group of society displays lesser depressive symptoms compared to their more affluent counterparts when they live near the sea.  The protective zone of the sea here plays a vital role in balancing the income disparities. Hence, society must convince the government so that it can encourage, protect and create beneficial coastal spaces. The policymakers should heighten the benefits of the blue areas and ensure inclusive and fair access to all persons of the society. However, care should be taken to secure and prevent damage to fragile coasts.

Love the blues:

The blue colour of the sea helps the mind to calm down; this is the reason why several treatments meant to reduce depression and anxiety involves surrounding the depressed individual with blue colour to calm his senses and reduce stress. When you continuously gaze at the blue colour of the sea, there occur changes in the frequency of the brain waves, which then helps the mind to transcend into a meditative state. Thus the belief that different colours have different emotional, physical and psychological effects, holds in this context.

Smell the sea and sense the sand:

Can you smell the sea? Do you realize that the sea has its unique smell? Yes, it has. Once you are near the sea, the air filled with mist and salt will fill your lungs, and your brains will be instantly rejuvenated. The sea breeze has a calming effect on the minds and has been pronounced as a natural antidepressant. The sea breeze is known to alleviate the symptoms of seasonal disorders (one which is caused due to long winters and less exposure to sunshine) and thereby reduce depression.

‘Keep yourself grounded’, though this statement has more than one meaning, in this context we consider its literal meaning. Walking barefoot is known to stimulate the mind and the body. As our feet possess a web of acupuncture points and nerves, they recharge the whole body when one walks barefoot. The sand on the sea beach triggers a warm and tingling sensation when one walks barefoot, and this can boost your health to a large extent.

Hit the beach, recharge yourself:

One of the most enjoyable places offered by nature on this earth is the ‘beach’. People pay exorbitant money to reside in towns closer to the sea or to enjoy their vacation in beachside locations. The final thought behind all these actions is that a day spent at the sea beach can recharge both your psychological and physical well being. The mere view of the vast sea can help erase your stress and worries; the grandeur of the arriving waves leaves you speechless, and your mental health gets rejuvenated.

Feeling low:

Hit the beach. Once you are in the sun with the seawater lashing beneath your feet, you will instantly feel all your stress vanishing in the blues. The unique combination of the sea waves and sun releases the aches and strains of daily life. Serotonin, the essential hormone responsible for happiness and relaxation gets released immediately when one steps on the beach. This hormone, combined with the visual and sound effect of the sea soothes the mind and help to fight depression. The crashing sound of the waves is often used by physicians to induce sleep in depressed individuals while light therapy can help you to reduce depression and anxiety.

Bye! Bye! Insomnia:

The most alluring benefit of hitting the beach is it acts as a great tranquillizer; those who are suffering from insomnia (which is considered one of the significant causes to trigger depression) can head to the sea for trying this natural remedy. The beach helps you to relieve three significant reasons that can cause sleep deprivation like lacking physical fatigue, hormonal imbalances, and anxiety, and stress levels.

Strolling on the sea beach is a great exercise and this when coupled with the sun, and the breeze immediately lowers your stress levels. This combination activates the serotonin hormone, which helps you to have a deep and peaceful slumber. As you can inhale fresh and clean air which contains a higher level of oxygen, your sleep quality is heightened when you live near the sea.

Sea Side Sea Waves

Bond with your Inner Self:

When you hit the beach, you come near the vastness and serenity of nature. Your consciousness and spirits are revived amidst the expanded horizon and the blue surroundings. When you are near the sea you get carried away by its peace and serenity. This will help to relieve your troubles and stresses which are engulfing you in your modern lifestyle.

When you practice yoga or meditate on the beach, your consciousness and spirits become one with nature, and this bond can help combat several ailments along with anxiety and depression.

So, whenever you are freaking out or feeling suffocated amidst your modern, mechanical life head to the sea beach. The blue sea water, salty, moist breeze, and the bright sunlight will recharge your senses and instantly boost your mental health. Also, if you are planning to move house, then definitely there is no better place than residing in a town close to the sea.

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