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Should depression need to be taken seriously? How and Why?

If you are looking for an answer, should you take depression seriously or not? Then it is a big “yes”, my friend. I am to chalk out here about the steps why and how you should take it seriously.

Depression Depressed


Get to know, first with depression.


Depression is a severe mental illness and mood disorder that occurs due to the outward and inward impact of the mood in the brain, and thus it creates an effect on the physiology of human beings.


Clinical depression

It is a chronic depression that is very serious as it goes from mild to severe. Severe depression is hard to be treated. Sometimes it causes death.


Why should you take it seriously?

Here are a few effects and impacts of depression, which will make you understand its importance to take seriously.

  • Body aches, severe pain in the body organs such as low back pain, joint pain, abdominal pain, headaches.
  • Indigestion of the food. Loss of appetite. Permanent weight loss.
  • Feels anger, anxious, sad, irritated without any reason.
  • Restless in mind. Loss of sleep.

So, if you were having symptoms like a feeling of fear, loss of self-confidence, stressful, feeling down and worthless from inside, you may be going under the depression. From the very beginning, you should take the necessary initiative to prevent it.

The Reasons are more:

  • Osteoarthritis – people in depression are very likely to gain osteoarthritis if neglected in the long term. The bones get affected by it.
  • Insomnia – it is the most common impact. Due to depression, you will lose sleeping at night, and insufficient sleep will damage your mind and body.
  • Permanent weight loss – you will get constant weight loss which is not suitable for health at all. You may be a victim of anemia. The loss of appetite causes it.
  • Suicidal thoughts – you will have suicidal thoughts inside your mind. Most of the suicides among the teenagers and the old persons and the jobless persons are rising due to it.
  • Difficulties in sexual life – mood disorder will prevent you from a healthy sexual life. You will likely have a divorce or separations in a relationship.
  • Coronary disease – it is fatal for the heart. People are having depression get heart attacks, heart failure, stroke and many other coronary difficulties.

Now, it’s time to answer you how you can fight it or deal with it.

Depression Depressed

Get help

Nowadays, there is a solution too to fight the depression. But you should not conceal yourself and hide the disease. The medical team is always very supportive to help you in leading a healthy life. If you are observing, some symptoms go to the psychologist at once. Take some therapies. Do some yoga and freehand exercise. It will help to reach the oxygen in the cells and produces positive energy. Take a balanced diet enriched with an equal portion of protein, fat, and carbohydrate. The vitamins and minerals will help you to revive your cells. Spirituality and meditation will help you the best. Reading motivational books helps to produce some self-confidence and positive thinking.

It should be manipulated severely. If you are a professional or employee and student, your goals can be lost by not taking it seriously. The work atmosphere will be disturbed by you. Even you can lose your job. To be successful in life, you have to take the initiative to beat the depression from today. It is undeniable that if depression cannot be removed, this will create an impact to the society.

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