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Robber Frequenting In Day To Day Life – “Depression”

The common cold, stomach bug are some common and known guests who frequent every household. The reasons may be either seasonal changes or some other imbalances in daily activities. But the most dangerous robber who is attacking every family with measured steps and robbing a person’s sleep, peace of mind and health is none other than ‘Depression’.

Depression is one of the severe causes of disability across the world in recent times. People who have this mental disorder fail to recognize it and misinterpret it as some feeling of sadness. Some of its symptoms include feeling helpless or hopeless, change in appetite and sleep pattern, withdrawing from family and friends, anger and irritability along with the feeling of attempting suicide, decreasing concentration, and constant fatigue.


Depression impacts daily life:

Clinical depression also termed as major depression, is the constant feeling of despair and hopelessness. This disorder is sometimes hereditary, and people have difficulty in sleeping, eating, working, enjoying with friends and studying. Thus it affects the overall daily routine of the person.

How clinical depression affects daily life?

There are innumerable ways in which recession has caused havoc in the day to day lives of the sufferers. Individuals suffering from this disorder find it very difficult to even wake up in the mornings, brush teeth, take a shower or cleaning activities and doing laundry, paying bills or shopping.

People suffer from bouts of depression when they have little activity to perform; in these situations, everyday tasks seem much more difficult. It is here that the person starts feeling an unproductive member of the society, and this leads to feeling depressed. For some people, however, depression occurs in cycles; it is intense at times and recedes at other times. Hence the capacity to perform daily activities also fluctuates. These people function correctly when they are beautiful, but when they suffer from pitfalls, they have difficulty in merely moving out of bed.

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Life under the shadow of depression:

The cycles of depression are known to create both opportunities and challenges for the sufferer. The people should be aware that just as happiness has a limited stay, so also sadness is short-lived and will pass by. For people hovering under the shadow of depression; the awareness of the fluctuating moves of depression can undermine their positive feelings even in mild depressive situations. The people in this condition should realize that when they are in a better mood, they should devote their energy to prepare and prevent themselves from the next attack of depression.

For some, managing this disorder is like controlling and managing diabetes; they have to monitor several factors to maintain their mental stability continually. In stable periods some people work hard to experience and enjoy their daily activities, but some people still face difficulty simply wondering when their mental illness will strike back.

This mental disorder can be controlled and treated by medication and\or therapy. People suffering from this disorder should express their situation and feelings to someone they can relate. Spending time with pets is extremely helpful, but there is no other alternative to therapy and has cured almost everyone who opted it.

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