Is there any specific reason for depression?

We all are familiar with the term depression, and many of us want to know the exact reason that causes the same. Being lonely and isolating our self from the rest of the world takes us towards a depressed mind. A depressed mind consists of a higher chance of falling into complex diseases. The CDC has mentioned that nearly 6.7 per cent of humans faces a phase of depression within the age of 12. Though this phrase does not last long but makes a path for future concern. I have seen many people who fall into depression for no reason.

There is no exact period when a person can start feeling depressed. In this fast and furious world, people mostly fall into having a high chance of depression, since people mainly involve themselves in talks through social media and avoid face to face confessions. This process creates a lane of lineless and a depressed mind. Scientifically we know that chemical imbalance is one primary reason that makes us sad. But we are still unable to find the exact reason for this chemical imbalance inside people’s minds. The reason for depression is always a problematic issue unsolved by doctors.

What are the key reasons behind a person’s depressed mind?

I have seen many who feel shy in expressing themselves publicly that they suffer through the problem of depression. I, too, do not have an exact answer to explain the reason why people get depressed. This issue can be a genetic disorder or might be a chemical imbalance caused in our mind. I have seen many young people fall into depression due to the abuse that they face. These abuses are of various kinds like sexual abuse, or it can be emotional or physical damage, which in life becomes the cause of severe clinical disorders

A person even becomes depressed due to some drugs that straight point to the chemical reactions that are prevailing in our mind. Death or the loss of someone we love in our life too becomes a cause of depression. Genetics or conflict also possesses the power for making a person fall into depression.

We all face one or the other problems in our life, but that does not take us to the path of getting depressed. We can fall into depression for no reason and can arrive out from the blue.  I have seen that excessive thought and fear create an environment of loneliness, and people start feeling worthless. This, in turn, forms the boundary line for a depressed mind. As negative thought affects our brain, we start feeling that we are present in this world for no reason.

I have felt that depression is a type of infectious disease or flu that spreads fast. If we spend our precious time with those people that possess a depressed mind, so it becomes pronounced that we too are going to face the same. But this also does not happen all the time. After all the talks, I have understood that no one can provide a specific reason why people fall into depression.

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