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How does depression call slow death while neglected?

Depression is like a drug that slowly affects the nerve and leads a person to death. Everyone has personal conflict and disputes in life. No one is happy forever.

Depression is a mental disease which even encourages one to make suicidal attempts. If the person is not feeling happy and enjoying it is high time to be concerned. Negligence can kill someone from inside.

Possible consequences of untreated depression

As it directly affects the health, it suddenly calls the stroke or coronary disease of a human. It is responsible for heart attacks also. Severe pain from depression can be aroused similarly from severe ache it may come. So whatever be the cause don’t give a fight shy off it, instead, consult a counsellor as soon as possible.

Depression results in weight gain and loss both and none is good for health. Gaining and losing weight is a reason for fatigue, loss of energy, difficulties in making a decision. If it remains untreated, it is a severe knock to someone.

Depression lessens the life span of a human. It damages the nerve cells from the inside. The brain inactivity is also its consequences.

It is suggested that everyone not to conceal it but be brave to deal unless it can cause death one day.


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