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Do teenagers possess a higher chance of depression?

We have seen that depression has no particular happening criteria. It can occur to anyone who faces problems in life or even to those who are healthy and wealthy. We also very well know that this issue affects adults. But do you ever think that teenagers too possess a severe chance of falling into a well of depressing thoughts? Many people ask me this question that does depression in teenagers happens. The answer to this becomes yes. With adults, teenagers also get profoundly influence through the significant issues of depression. I have felt that being a teenager becomes a tough job.

There are various kinds of chemical reactions that are taking place in a teenager’s mind and body, which affects their way of memorizing, thinking and learning. I have seen that the most common reason for depression in a teenager can be the stress of studies and grades. Due to this stress, teenagers face a severe conflict of thoughts in their minds and often come across emotional ups and downs.


Doctors say that people nearly around 11 per cent face depression issues by the end of their teenage phase. I have seen many teenagers that are filled with depressing thoughts vary in their behaviour than the other ones. Teenagers that have depression problem often come across suicidal thoughts and cannot concentrate on their studies well. In most cases, parents do not understand the mental condition of their children and take them for granted, which in turn makes a boundary line for the teenagers, and they start misbehaving.

Signs and reasons for depression in teenagers:

Depression in teens can turn out to be a severe mental disorder and can take longer to get cured. Many parents ask me this question that is depression in teenagers a common factor. And my answer to this question is not always. Since the major causes of a teenager, the depressed mind is the pressures that they incur from their parents and teachers. The high academic expectation of parents from their children without understanding their capability pushes them towards depression.

Teenagers give many signs of depression. The lack of energy in their body,  feeling of panic and anxiety, loss of interest in their work and even activities,  irritability and many more things. The depression in teenagers arrives with severe consequences and cannot be treated with will power only. Depressed teenagers must undergo treatment of long term.

We cannot precisely define that depression occurs at a particular age since it is a condition that affects the mind and thought the process of people without their notice.  I have seen many teenagers fall into depressing thoughts because no one in their class talks to them. So I also become unable to accurately provide an exact and valid reason why depression affects teenagers. But the thought that depression in teenagers is common becomes true. The reason might be any.  Depressed teenagers can be treated if their parents start noticing the changes in their behaviours and take them soon to the doctors.

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