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Can depression cause cancer?

According to the medical theory, while a cancer patient is going through various treatment steps, depression arises. It stimulates cancer very slowly tumour is formed inside the brain. Early symptoms of tumour are seen.

Depression responsible for cancer supporting analysis

According to a study in the US, the doctors say that psychologists have to be more severe about depression in the human being as it can cause cancer by forming a tumour and the early stages can be seen.

Depression carries headaches, severe pains, dizziness, weakness are signs of an early stage of cancer. It breaks the immune system, which accelerates cancer tends to a level. When the nerve cells inactive due to it, the functions of the cell get disabled, and a cancer cell is free to divide.

Indigestion of food due to depression is a cause for bile-duct cancer. In this case, the HCL acid of the pancreas is unable to digest food in the stomach. The tumour grows faster in that position.

Analysis like this can be a learning for the people. Screening of these analyses will help people to be warned and safe. This will help to gather people awareness if there are some doubts about consulting a psycho-oncologist.


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