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Can depression cause weight loss

Sudden weight loss can be aroused from several health problems. But before that, one needs to ask, and self-study is he/she is in any mental trouble, which means depression.

Here is how the weight loss is related to the depression  

In depression eating disorder is found. In spite of overeating, one can be worried about how a weight loss is taking place. It is better to ask one’s mind whether the depression dwelling inside the brain. If it dwells inside the mind, it will affect the body. Some gained weight and some loss.

Causes of losing weight

Depression prevents the desire to eat, which lose weight. It arises fear and worries inside the mind for hypertension always haunts inside the heart, which is not a good sign at all. By this, a person gets nausea, which is absolutely an excellent reason for weight loss.

Depression is a barrier in the way of sleeping. Improper sleeping is a significant factor in losing weight.

Weight loss leads someone in malnutrition. Malnutrition and deficiency of vitamins in the body are not suitable for health.

Depression has lots of bad influence on the human body. How fast it can be treated it is better.

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