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Depression and How it Feels

Are you informed about depression? Did it ever happen to you? Are you aware of the feeling of depression? But, here comes the common misunderstanding about depression. “Depression” is often confused with a sad mood or a feeling of down.

Now the question is, how depression feels like? Although, there are people, experiencing a sense of sadness, during the depression. This feeling is majorly severe compared to the emotions that arise and pass on with life events. The depression symptoms can last for months, as well as for years. Sometimes this gives a feeling of guilty, to pass on with the life events. This can be responsible for disrupting careers, daily tasks like housework and self-care, as well as relationships.

Depression feelings Depressed

The feeling of depression in the words of sufferers:

Considering the terms of most of the populace, depression is a seclusion sense that is conveyed with an overwhelming feeling. Some lows sufferers’ tags that depression makes everything unmanageable, sometimes abrasive to the reasons like noises, bright lights or bright colour. Daily responsibilities such as schoolwork act frightening and people dissolve in tears in front of everyone unknowingly.

Depression appears indifferent to young adults. But a familiar feeling of depression is, they feel separated from the entire world. They think of losing motivation when doing things and getting socially isolated. A person said that I discovered a feeling of alien towards the rest part of the world around me. When depressed, people unplug himself and never communicates with anyone.

Depression images:

After many interviews also, the involvedness of ‘how depression feels?’ is not captured. A person with mild depression expresses that depression is the most uncomfortable feeling. Some others say that depression gives a sense of getting trapped within a tight bubble or breathing in a blanket of darkness. Depression is painstaking. Some depression sufferers say that depression is considered as a form of tunnel visions. While feeling better signifies that getting back the peripheral vision. Depression acts differently in different people. Some perceive the entire world as a dead field during the depression. But this world gives a feeling of impressive forest, when not depressed. Some other utters that, depression acts like a portion of a jigsaw mystery which never fits.

Numerous people have spoken differently regarding the feeling of depression. Some bear a sense of emptiness during the depression, while others describe a feeling being dead inside. A strong feeling of low self-worth occurs during this time. This feeling cannot be measured. Some get a taste of not excellent compared to others, which in turn feeds into depression. At this time, the smallest failure can result in punishing self which is an extreme extent.

You need to take help during this period. When the support of family, friends or positive lifestyle does not seem to be useful in solving depression, then you should seek the assistance of mental health professionals. There are numerous types of therapies and medication existing, for treating depression. These therapies and medicine help relieve depression symptoms.

Depression is dangerous:

Don’t you think that depression is terrible? When you leave a depression, unattended, untreated, then this can harm you severely. At times this becomes long-term penalties which can disturb every feature of your life. But fortunately, depression is treatable. These complications can be treated with a treatment plan or with assistance.

Tendencies of depression:

Suicide, as well as death thoughts, are indications of depression. Things get worse when depression is left untreated. Sometimes, it is felt that suicide can be the single-mode to discharge the pain, which is not valid. There lie numerous lanes that are effective to overcome the symptoms of depression and to feel better. Always remember that these dreadful feelings and these rotten views are not persistent and will move on with time. When you know someone is giving birth to suicidal thoughts, then please aid immediately. Confidential support, as well as assistance, can be attained for free with dialling helpline numbers. By gaining the help of the local emergency room and counselling centre, you can prevent someone from imminent danger of injury.

The symptoms of depression are not cured without proper treatment and can get worse depending over the seriousness. To alleviate this, people often start self-medication. They begin to take drugs or alcohol to get rid of depression. But this worsens the condition of depression, and there is a chance of increasing the symptom of depression due to addiction. When alcohol and drug are combined for treating depression, it is counted as a dangerous mix. This increases the risk of suicide.

When people feel angry, hopeless or worst about self, then they cannot take care of themselves and think about the significances of their movements. The depressed persons involve themselves within the precarious state, with consequences that are potentially dangerous like injecting drugs, unprotected sex, etc.

Some other people have a habit of self-injuring themselves with some techniques like cutting or burning to cope up with depression. Sometimes these practices become such dangerous that, this becomes life-threatening or accidental death.


You suffer relationships when depressed. You start lashing out over your loved ones or restrict your involvement in social activities or partying and prefer to leave alone. Untreated depression can be a reason behind this type of pf behaviour. People are drained emotionally, physically or mentally due to depression, and this becomes hard for your family and friends to tackle the situation of yours.


Depression can be counted as an insalubrious cycle. During the depression, people never take good care of their health. But one should take care of his or her health as a sufferer of depression for feeling better. They are not able to perform things like, unable to sleep or eat food properly as well as not interested in exercising also. This makes their health to worsen, and they suffer health-related problems. When you neglect your health, then this can turn into flu or diabetes.

Always remember that depression can be treated so you can avoid the hazardous moments of untreated depression.

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