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Can depression be cured?

Depression as it comes from a mental disorder so it can be regulated by a person of his/her own. It depends on the person and the problems to cure.

How is it cured?

This question is asked by many, but it relies on the person’s spontaneity whether depression can be cured. The depressed person should have the will power and utmost effort to self-recovery. Besides, therapy and medical treatment, one can choose the self-help.

Non-drug treatment from mild to severe depression

Some natural, as well as self-help strategies to beat depression, are self-talking, medication, exercise, and balanced diet, positive thoughts, travelling in new places, consult the counsellor.

  • Practice self-care like a healthy diet enriched with proteins, vitamins, and minerals can help to accelerate mind and health condition by removing impurities from the body as toxins.
  • One should sleep at least 8 hours during a day.
  • Intake plenty of water.
  • The immense will to recover oneself.
  • Some freehand exercise, yoga, and a morning run or cycling is the supporting way to beat depression.

As there is no proper treatment to fight depression, but it can be cured by antidepressant tablets that soothing the nerve cells. It can be cured by being spiritual and distribute love to everyone.

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