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What is Depression Actually?

Questions and AnswersWhat is Depression Actually?
admin Staff asked 2 years ago
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admin Staff answered 2 years ago

Depression is a very broad topic that cannot be Explained in a few lines. But I will Try to Answer the Question to extend possible.
“Depression” in simple terms is a normal health disorder that is related to our mental health but this must not be Confused with Madness. This is Common Confusion in the Whole Society at the Moment.
We Need to Understand that Depression can happen to Anyone in the World. This is commonly Caused Due to the Social Factors of Distress, Biological or Psychological reasons.
This Can Easily be Cured like a Normal Sickness or like any other Health Disorders But this Need to be First be Acknowledged by the Individual and then Resolve to Overcome and Cure himself or herself of this health disorder without bothering about anything else.
Anyone Can Easily Overcome this Health Disorder through a proper Treatment By a Medical Professional.
Tenure of Overcoming the Health Disorder: This may Take-up from a Month to a Year.